Child Custody & Divorce

During Difficult Times Good Legal Guidance Can Make All The Difference

No one gets married or has children expecting to get divorced. When marriages do not work out, it is hurtful for all involved. If that becomes a child custody dispute, the impacts can go deeper and affect children into their adult lives. Divorce can also lead to long term emotional and financial impacts that can become much worse if it was not handled well on the legal end.

Hiring an attorney from Fleischer Law Office, PLLC meets two objectives. One, you have an advocate as you complete one of the most difficult transitions of your life. Two, you also have a voice of reason when times are tough and you are more likely to react emotionally and possibly make bad decisions. As we guide you through the legal quagmire that is North Carolina family law, we can also help you see options and hope where you would otherwise not expect them. That can make the whole process easier for you even during the worst of times.

When possible we can help you find an amicable solution to your conflicts. Divorce can complete sanely when parties are represented by competent counsel who keep everyone calm and informed. The same can happen with child custody as children need both parents and that requires a custody plan that allows them appropriate visitation time. However, if this all becomes impossible to resolve, we are also ready to fight for you in court.

During a divorce, you need to manage conflict the best way possible. Having an intermediary to act as your advocate and offer legal advice along the way will help this proceed efficiently so you can move forward. For your Catawba or Caldwell county divorce or custody case, contact Fleischer Law Office, PLLC. We serve clients in Lenoir, Hickory, and the surrounding areas.