Real Estate

Ensure a Smooth Real Estate Closing with Fleischer Law Office, PLLC

Whether it is a new home or an office for your small business, closing on a property purchase is an exciting time. It can also be nerve wracking as this is the time potential or real problems can arise and invalidate your transaction.

North Carolina has attorneys handle property closings. While that reduces your mortgage insurance premiums it also means you need to choose wisely and find a lawyer with strong real estate knowledge who also keeps you in the loop. Fleischer Law Office, PLLC is committed to not only keeping your transaction as problem-free as possible but also keeping you informed as the process moves forward.

During your real estate transaction, we review contracts, perform title searches to check for past due taxes and errors, prepare the title report, and coordinate the closing when the property transfers to the buyer. In addition, we review and finalize loan papers, and update the title and insurance information. The final closing will be arranged by us so you do not have to worry about anything other than being available to sign.

We represent buyers and sellers alike, and institute a routine with each closing that keeps steps from being missed. If problems arise, we will contact you and find the best strategy to solve them.

Fleischer Law Office, PLLC attorneys believe the best way to close on property without encountering issues is by collecting the most information available. Buyers will avoid acquiring properties with title and tax problems and sellers will have the means to secure relief if their buyers back out or fail to meet payment arrangements.

If you are selling or buying property in Lenoir, Hickory, or anywhere in Catawba and Caldwell counties, contact Fleischer Law Office, PLLC to handle your closing. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and arrange for a smooth transaction.