Wills & Estate Planning

Wills and Estate Planning Now Mean Less Hardship Later

Many people tend to put off drafting a will thinking it is not a worthwhile step or they do not own enough property for it to matter. Many underestimate their net worth and decide the state intestate statutes will distribute their assets fairly after their demise.

In fact, real and personal property transfer to your survivors much less smoothly without a will. Your property will be tied up as the court determines who is entitled to acquire it. With a will making your wishes clearly known, these transfers require less than six months. Without a will, finalizing these transactions can take years, especially if your family members start becoming uneasy and filing will disputes.

At Fleischer Law Office, PLLC we know that people are not at their best when they are grieving. It makes it difficult for them to deal with the disposition of your assets and other post-death matters. You can simplify this for your loved ones by drafting a will and estate plan so the process is practically automatic. They can manage their feelings and proceed with some peace without having to perform extra work or rely on the court to treat them fairly. Knowing your wishes for certain smoothes many edges when facing the death of a family member.

Our attorneys will review options with you thoroughly. We almost always start with a will as that is the primary vehicle for transferring property after death. If appropriate, we can also draft trusts or other documents. When you do pass on, we are available to your family to manage the probate process and keep them informed as everything moves forward.

Do not add extra hardship for your family. Contact Fleischer Law Office, PLLC to start your estate plan today. We serve the cities of Lenoir and Hickory and Catawba and Caldwell counties. Schedule a consultation and we will help you make these important plans.